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Now Im sat here
infront of a screen
I’m beggin baby please
show me how to belief

Tell me good things
do them come in threes?
before I go to sleep
I need some peace (of mind)

Oh honey do you mind?
if I ask are you mine?
because im feeling tired
of giving up on the times

fucking warning signs
control my thoughts inside
of a brain so shy

But the senses
they catch on
they sing songs
on how to belong
I’m defenceless
in the heat of the morning
infatuation is forming
and I’m yet to ignore it

You know I say things
where effect gives cause
another twist in the plot
becoming things I’m not

Now I leave hints
making good times hard
I think ill save my applause
for the final straw

turn so dusted
choosing love is a must if
you’re in a life that’s adjusted

becoming rusted
you’d think I might’ve sussed it (out)
if only I had just seen (how)

The senses
they caught on

they sung songs
on how to belong
we were defenceless
to the heat of the morning
infatuation was forming
and I was yet to ignore it


Alpines Ablaze

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A rolling hill
a fort atop
a whole new still
comes to a stop
with time to kill
we sit besot
and catch a thrill
beneath this spot

Breaking waves
come tumbling down
a perfect day
a humbling sound
sunset bays
fallen clouds
alpines ablaze
outside your house

before our eyes
I met your thoughts
beneath the skies
threatened sorts
flee our minds
lessons taught
by lighting lies

I catch a glimpse
lost on the breeze
moments since
we last said please
growing hints
from solar trees
glowing splints
shoot up my knees

Shimmered lights
reflecting truth
withered nights
yet to ensue
a final sight
before the blue
a shaded bright
for me and you

in what I say
I met your thoughts
within the shade
freely caught
I wish we’d stayed
beneath the fort
alpines ablaze


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   Be yourself they said                  Be a man they said         Don’t be stupid they said

   confident and funny                      beat your chest                 it would be ridiculous

   competent with money                claim your nest             if you were non of this

all in good health they said        be all you can they said   be ruthless instead they said

   aggressive not fully                       reach your best                be actively ambitious

   you’re not a bully                           feign the rest               all you’ve ever wished

                                            stop being so weak they said

                                                  stop having those fears

                                                 stop tapping those tears

                                             stop being so meek they said

                                                  this isn’t what a man is

                                                   this isn’t what a man is

                                                      build your strength

                                                     increase your length

                                                           tilt your head

                                                         towards the sky

                                                          challenge eyes

                                                             always smile

                                                       never cry, never shy

                                                       be a man, have a plan

                                                    own land and understand

                                                   you were born, to feel torn

                                                           one minute sworn

                                                             the next scorned

By masculinity.

Heros Unsung

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She had a cherryade smile

But cocaine dreams

That took all the love

From what she believed


So she phoned her friend

And asked what it means

To become so obsessed

With something so obscene


Sick of handing out

Her nicotine kisses

To the friends that she had

And the life that she misses


She wants to take it back

All the memories she pictures

But when demanding her life

She’s less than ambitious


I guess those days are yet to come

When yesterday still feels so young


We were fighting the haze of the morning sun

While the nighttime prayed on all we’ve done


He lost his mind

Somewhere on the streets

And could never really seem

To get back to his feet


As he lay in the gutter

He looked to the stars

And prayed for an angel

To take away his scars


He dragged himself up

Sick of waiting to be found

He hit the bottle so damn hard

That I swear he left the ground

Just about to give in

When he saw her

A heavenly silhouette

Stood on the street corner


I guess those days have yet to come

When yesterday still feels so young

We were fighting the haze of the morning sun

While the nighttime prayed on all we’ve done


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Fucking words

They seem to fail me

I open my mouth

And they just betray me

A million thoughts

Not one word worthy

Endless paragraphs

She’s never heard me

I can describe this world

In as many as you want

But for her

I can’t think of one

Trees are green

Autumns beautiful

Summer, spring, winter

The feelings mutual

Daytimes bright

Night is dark

Breathing with lungs

Feeling with heart

I can describe this world

In as many as you want

But for her

I can’t think of one

I could use love

But it’s too cliché

It’s lost its meaning

It’d just seem fake

I could use lust

But it makes no sense

Its more than personal

Its more intense

I can describe this world

In as many as you want

But for her

I can’t think of one

Conversations run dry

Left unattended

All that I’d said

Seemed unintended

For once I wished

I could have remembered

To say how I feel

Before the words ended.

The Bigger Picture

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All my pointless problems

Will never mean a thing

When I see the bigger picture

I wait for what it brings


Take the wind from my sails

Knock me to the ground

But when I see the bigger picture

You won’t hear me make a sound


And when my bets don’t come in

When my luck runs out

I’ll see the bigger picture

And ill never have a doubt


Because when the world feels against me

I know there’s nothing else for it

But to see the bigger picture

And realise I’m the one who draws it

Stones and Stars

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“Third person

Second person

Who cares?

Just lend me a story”


“Show me your heart

Show me your lowest

And highest part

When you felt glory”


“Show me everything you’ve learnt

All the books that you’ve burnt

All the secrets you’ve kept

From this life that you’ve stepped”


Slow down my friend

Open your mind

Its right infront of you

All the stories you’ll find


In stones and stars

In people driving cars

In couples in the park

Making promises in the dark


In neighbours starting fights

Causing problems in streetlights

In kids playin out past curfews

Making uncles worry for their nephews


“What do you mean?

That’s not a story

I could have made a better tale

In the lavatory”


“What’s the moral?

Where’s the action?

Where’s the distance?

Where’s the attraction?”


But your missing the point

you’re going to fast

all the best stories

are the ones that finish last


wait until you understand

Until the message hits home

Until similarities are found

in the stars and the stones


Until the sky turns blue

Until the M.O.T’s overdue

Until the darkness has fled

And all the promises been said


Until the neighbours realise

That no one else decides

How to raise their child

Until the uncles can smile


Until the story has finished

Until the confusion is diminished

Until everyone understands

That recognition lends a hand


And everything matters

Coz everything is matter

And though stones make scars

Their stories make stars


Third person?

Second person?

First hand, First experience

First person….