Stones and Stars

“Third person

Second person

Who cares?

Just lend me a story”


“Show me your heart

Show me your lowest

And highest part

When you felt glory”


“Show me everything you’ve learnt

All the books that you’ve burnt

All the secrets you’ve kept

From this life that you’ve stepped”


Slow down my friend

Open your mind

Its right infront of you

All the stories you’ll find


In stones and stars

In people driving cars

In couples in the park

Making promises in the dark


In neighbours starting fights

Causing problems in streetlights

In kids playin out past curfews

Making uncles worry for their nephews


“What do you mean?

That’s not a story

I could have made a better tale

In the lavatory”


“What’s the moral?

Where’s the action?

Where’s the distance?

Where’s the attraction?”


But your missing the point

you’re going to fast

all the best stories

are the ones that finish last


wait until you understand

Until the message hits home

Until similarities are found

in the stars and the stones


Until the sky turns blue

Until the M.O.T’s overdue

Until the darkness has fled

And all the promises been said


Until the neighbours realise

That no one else decides

How to raise their child

Until the uncles can smile


Until the story has finished

Until the confusion is diminished

Until everyone understands

That recognition lends a hand


And everything matters

Coz everything is matter

And though stones make scars

Their stories make stars


Third person?

Second person?

First hand, First experience

First person….


~ by Brad on July 18, 2013.

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