Alpines Ablaze


A rolling hill
a fort atop
a whole new still
comes to a stop
with time to kill
we sit besot
and catch a thrill
beneath this spot

Breaking waves
come tumbling down
a perfect day
a humbling sound
sunset bays
fallen clouds
alpines ablaze
outside your house

before our eyes
I met your thoughts
beneath the skies
threatened sorts
flee our minds
lessons taught
by lighting lies

I catch a glimpse
lost on the breeze
moments since
we last said please
growing hints
from solar trees
glowing splints
shoot up my knees

Shimmered lights
reflecting truth
withered nights
yet to ensue
a final sight
before the blue
a shaded bright
for me and you

in what I say
I met your thoughts
within the shade
freely caught
I wish we’d stayed
beneath the fort
alpines ablaze


~ by Brad on April 11, 2017.

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