The Puddle

•July 15, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Peace and love

From a puddle it floods

And drips from the sky

From the ceiling above


Its source unknown

A force alone

Distinctive signs

Reminds me of home


As the morning dawns

I stare in the mirror

Reflections of questions

In my eyes they shimmer

Spinning around

Shooting back and forth

Leaving me contempt

By distorting my thoughts


Maybe there’s a reason

I can choose my freedom

Maybe there’s a time

In between the seasons


Maybe there’s a tangent

That sits between the crescent

That sees me through the mirror

That leaves me feeling pleasant


A thunder storm hits

The mirror in bits

Breaks concentration

And the thought it transmits


I find myself in trouble

Now I’m seeing double

How could this have come

From a peace loving puddle